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Principal’s Message

From The Desk of Principal

As The Principal Of Shanti Niketan Public School. I Feel Honoured to welcome you to Our ProsPectus and Present You The Most Important Features Of School Shanti Niketan Public  School ,Which Is an Existing Place Where Learning  Is The Priority To Learn. We All Teachers, Are Skilled At Measuring Students Success And Reporting  With This To Parents And Future Employers.
We  Are  Committed To Teach Student  All The skills They Need Realise  Their True Academic Potential ,To Stimulate Their Intellectual Curiosity ,Helping Them To Achieve The Best Possible Examination Results And Often To Succeed Beyond Their Dreams.
The School Has Well Confident Young Learners Who Are Being Prepared To Face The Challenges Of Any Environment  They May Find Themselves In. This Young Students Know What They Want To Achieve  And They are  Working With Confidence And Enthusiasm Towards Becoming Well Motivated  , Reliable To Relate Well To Others, Critical,  Thinkers,Informed decision Makers And Effective Users OF The Communication Tools Available In 21ST  Century.
The Defining Feature Of The School IS It’s Creativity . Shanti  Niketan Public school  Is  A Centre OF Excellence For Sports ,Music And Creative Arts As We Strive For A Balance between The Academic And Creation Parts Of The Curriculum. We Aim  To Proud   OF Our students Achievements in This Areasa. The Student Thrive  In The Company  Of Their Teachers  And Benefit From The Friendly ,Supportive  And Good Humoured  Environment  OF The School .

We Welcome  Your Interest  and Are happy to Answer  Any Future Query  If  You Have .We Feel  Proud Of the  What We Do  And Achive At  Shanti Niketan  Public School.